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Debra Ali
Michelle Alonso
William Band
Gurinder Kaur Bhogal
Merlene Boyce
Makini Calliste-Woollard
Maria Carosi
Chang Sun Kim
Alecia Charney
Mary Chorniuk
Stephanie Czolij
Maria B. Dlubak
Paul Draper
Yulia Duchenko
Betty Jean Evans
Marguerite Finlayson

Joud Hakim
Paul Highgate
Thea Jansen
Bev Kean
Gord Kern
Susi Grell Knox
Emily Kowalik
Cindy Langdon
Chris McGlynn
Maureen McClelland
Sheila McCulloch
Andrea McLeod
Tania Maity
Conrad Mieschke
Dolores Miron
Priya Mistry

Keith Moreau
Nicholas Moreau
Bev Munroe
Kai Neilander
Mary Noble
Elizabeth Patrick
Bill Riopka
Olga Rudge
Peter Scott
William H. Simmons
Marian Simpson
Paulina Su
Ryan C. Thompson
Marilyn Turningia
Anand Vaid
Jacqueline Veltri

This list is created through an opt-in process; not all members have asked to be included on the list, or provided us with biographies for the website.

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VAB artists, in memoriam: Bridget Aubé, Jack Reid, Mary Taylor, Marlene Thurston
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The Printmaking Process, a series of articles by the Art Gallery of Peel
Animated series, Stuff, Area art supply stores
Books: Animation, Life Drawing, Storyboarding, Children’s book illustration Websites: Animation

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