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  • Fashionista Sassy Unicorn

    Sassy Unicorn is a charming mythical creature with lots of fashion creativity. Follow these step by step drawing instructions to learn how to bring your own Fashionista Sassy Unicorn to life.

  • Fanciful Leaves

    In this fun and meditative activity, create a page full of fanciful leaves.

  • Eggshell Printmaking

    Get abstract with this fun eggshell printmaking technique.

  • Mother's Day Fishy Postcard

    Mother's Day is around the corner, and we are here to help get the whole family in on this activity. Have fun creating this unique Mother's Day Fishy Postcard!

  • Whimsical Birdhouse Village Painting

    Have you heard all the birds chirping outside this spring? Paint them a whimsical looking village to live in with this family activity.

  • Moody Tree

    Using colour, create a moody background for your tree in this paint pouring activity.

  • Terracotta Warrior Printmaking

    Learn the technique of printmaking to create your own army of Terracotta Warriors.

  • Draw Isabelle from Animal Crossing

    Learn step-by-step how to draw Isabelle from Animal Crossing. Create your own characters using the same process.

  • Easter Egg Art

    Just in time for Easter, decorate some eggs with simple materials you can find around your home. There is even a little game to play once your craft is complete!

  • Line and Pattern Art

    Using simple shapes, lines and repeating patterns, create a colourful mandala. Make it shine by adding an embossed foil medallion in the middle!

  • Constructing a Cartoon Character

    Cartoonist Peter Emslie demonstrates how to create characters with constructed form, building up gradually from basic shapes to the details. Watch Part Two

  • Facial Proportions for Cartooning

    Cartoonist Peter Emslie demonstrates how to exaggerate a character's facial proportions, first drawing a traditionally proportioned head, then a cartoon one. Watch Part Two