Member Exhibit - February 2023

Artwork from Visual Arts Brampton members, featuring: Colleen Dee, ecmunson, Eric Hansen, Helen Duplassie, Hye Jung, Mary Jones, Maureen McLellan, Merlene Boyce, Priyanka Singh, Regina Adaora Agokei, Stephanie Czolij, Susan Cain and Swarna Chandrasekera.


Aleksandra Kojevnikova

Aleksandra Kojevnikova was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and immigrated to Canada in 2018. She graduated from the Kyrgyz-Russia Slavic University with a degree in Artist Stylist (Fashion design). During her education she studied art history, design, drawing, color theory, and painting. Throughout University, her work was selected to be in many art and fashion shows, including the Kyrgyz Fashion Week, one of the biggest shows in
Kyrgyzstan. After University Aleksandra works as a graphic designer, also teaches drawing lessons for kids.

Aleksandra works in various visual arts techniques: watercolors, acrylics, oil and mixed techniques. Also, she has experience in digital and fashion illustration.

Fashion illustration and botanical illustration are the two main themes in which the author works. Through her work, Aleksandra shows the connection between nature and human, her female portraits have elements of plants and animals. Botanical illustration is also an inspiration for the author, the study of the volume, shape, texture of plants and flowers excellent practice of studding nature. Experiments in mixing watercolors and other materials give unlimited freedom and new ideas in painting. Through the drawing of nature and human, the author learns this world, revealing new colors in it.

Acrylic is another material that Aleksandra works and experiments with. The main idea was an attempt to mix modern graphics and classical painting techniques. Author also wanted to discover and use innovation and modern materials.

The presented works of the author are full of inspiration, love for nature and creativity, and endless search for new ways in creativity.

Find her work on Instagram @sashakashirina and @art_for_kids_brampton

Member Exhibit - November 2022

Artwork from Visual Arts Brampton members, featuring: Chris McGlynn, Colleen Dee, ecmunson, Mary Jones, Maureen McLellan, & Merlene Boyce


Anita Pietras

Anita Pietras is pastel artist based in Brampton, Ontario. Born in Poland, she spent her childhood outdoors. Her favorite memories are moments spent in forests, meadows and streams.  It is no surprise nature became one of her favorite subject matters.  She believes spirituality is rooted in nature and art is a way for her to capture and share moments of reflection, wonder and awe … In turn giving the viewer an opportunity to pause and allow themselves to be in a moment of reflection, remembering the awe and wonder they themselves experience in life.

Light plays a crucial role in her paintings.  She seeks to depict form and light through value, colour and temperature relationships and to bring out the beauty & essence of the subject matter.  An avid observer, Anita believes beauty can be found everywhere, from the majestic landscapes of nature and the everyday mundane objects, to the spaces we build and the people we interact with. Find her work on Instagram @artbyanitapietras

"Art is a journey, not a destination ... and I thank you for being part of it!"


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