Curt Gaudon

Curt Gaudon is a visual artist with a BDes Specialized Honours from York University. He paints with traditional mediums to layer and sculpt a deeply rhythmic surface that vibrates with energy and movement.

Curt’s recent projects explore the visual connections between land and sea, often depicting water or trees, narrowing in on the design fundamentals–line–shape–colour–and bordering on abstraction. These scenes evoke an emotional connection to a primordial world.

Artist Statement
My foundation in art has been in portraiture and I’ve recently been exploring plein-air painting, to draw out the human experience of nature. I'm looking to tap into the design patterns and rhythms that connect land and sea.

I strive to find a space between representation and abstraction, to paint ideas that surpass the confines of a specific place and to expose the visual sensations of idealised memories surrounding our lived experiences.

I work both plein-air and in-studio, exploring themes in multiple formats and iterations, typically in series. This allows me to experience an idea or location over a longer period of time and push the work past observation, into design and universality.


Member Exhibit - May 2024

Artwork from Visual Arts Brampton members, featuring: Aditi Ganeev Sangwan, Aleksandra Skrabka, Chris McGlynn, Colleen Dee, Eric Hansen, Ghazi Toutounji, Manju Das, Marian Simpson, Merlene Boyce, Natasha Jain and Zahra Motiei-Najafi.

Zahra Motiei-Najafi

My name is Zahra and besides being a Medical Laboratory Technologist, I am an artist which is my passion, or better to say my life. I like to paint on types of surfaces: canvas, paper, glass, wood and leather, all using different techniques and materials accordingly: oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal or pencils. On most of my paintings, I use brushes, but what I like the most to do is to use my fingers. Another important aspect with my techniques is that I like to put resin and gilding on top. This helps to reflect light and adds a sheen to the artwork, brightening it up for a beautiful finish. My main goal with my artwork is to give it a sense of a tri-dimension, hoping the observer sees and feels it as realistic and alive as I do.

One of my techniques with some of my acrylic paintings is to pour the colours randomly onto the canvas and then move the canvas in a rotational fashion to mix the colours, then use a hair dryer to apply heat while blowing the paint. This allows for additional mixing of the colours where they randomly flow giving it a sense of movement.

Zahra is available for commissions upon request.


Member Exhibit - November 2023

Artwork from Visual Arts Brampton members, featuring: Chris McGlynn, Colleen Dee, Erin Hansen, Gisele Boileau, Manju Das, Maria Dlubak, Mary Jones, Maureen McLellan, Merlene Boyce, Natasha Jain & Sibaji Bhattacharjee.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Passionate about photography and building community, Connie Munson’s Studio By Design is hosting the Looking Back, Looking Forward exhibit as a teaser showcase for the 3rd annual May exhibit, FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking! 

Enjoy work from some of the winners, featured photographers and artists, and community sponsors from the 2022 and 2023 May exhibits, PLUS, a sneak peek at pieces submitted for the 2024 exhibit.

The annual exhibit in May 2024 is at registered satellite sites in the hills of Caledon and Halton as part of the prestigious CONTACT Festival, the world’s largest photography event, and now in its 28th year.


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