Member Exhibit - November 2022

Artwork from Visual Arts Brampton members, featuring: Chris McGlynn, Colleen Dee, ecmunson, Mary Jones, Maureen McLellan, & Merlene Boyce


Suzanne Coloma

Suzanne Coloma was born in Dalhousie, New Brunswick. Suzanne began painting in her mid-forties. She didn't consider herself an artist until someone called her one. Suzanne is self taught, only taking art classes in high school. She loves color because it expresses so much feeling. Suzanne mainly uses acrylics, but has also worked with gouache and watercolor. She paints on canvas, wood, plastic and other materials, with her favourite being wood. She also paints wooden bowls and decorative plates. "Art is a wonderful way to express who you are. Art makes people happy."


Member Exhibit - June 2022

Artwork from Visual Arts Brampton members, featuring: Colleen Dee, ecmunson, Graeme Stammers, H. Christa Zimmer, Hye Moon, Maureen McLellan, Merlene Boyce & Sushmita Kolhapurkar.

Abiola Idowu

Abiola Idowu is a Nigerian-born visual artist based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Abiola is from the Zaria Art School, which is celebrated for its unique, vibrant figurative artwork. Scholars recognize his contributions to the school and the development of its unique style. Almost 30 years later, Abiola is still evolving as an artist. As he travels and grows, Abiola acquaints his eye and mind with new environments and cultures that influence his art. Abiola is passionate about sharing time and space with people, and using art to explore the beauty of the world. Find Abiola on Instagram.


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