Fun with Oil Pastels

Have you ever wanted to work with oil pastels? They are a perfect medium. No dust, no messy clean-up and vivid lively colors make it so attractive to use. But what about techniques? How do you harness the medium and make it do what you want? Join Zan for a one day workshop on painting in oil pastels. You will learn a  ton of  techniques, lots of solutions to sharpen the medium and ways to preserve it after you are done.

Details & Registration

In-Person / Online Class

Ages: 18+


  • In-Person - Monday - September 19, 2022  Class Full
  • Online - Monday - September 19, 2022  Class Full

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Sessions: 1

Price: $35 non-members, $32 with a membership

Materials: Included for in-person students - See Materials List

Skill Level: All Skill Levels

Note: This class is offered with your choice of in-person or online instruction. Instruction will be provided in-person and online simultaneously.

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What Students will Learn

  • Basic techniques of using oil pastels
  • How to blend colours
  • How to compose an oil pastel painting
  • How to preserve a completed painting

About the Instructor

Zan Barrage

A classically trained artist, Zan is the recipient of several awards for plein air painting in Ontario. He is the founder and past president of Ontario Plein Air Society, a group of Ontario painters dedicated to painting the Canadian landscape from life.

I paint because I fall in love with a moment. Sometimes I capture it successfully, and other times, too many times, I fail. I am proud to say that my artwork has seeped into private collections from Australia through Europe to North America. I cherish all my collectors and value their choice to own my artwork. In a way, a work of art is not whole.


Materials are included for in-person students. Students attending online or who prefer to bring their own materials are asked to purchase the following:

  • Mungyo Oil Pastel 24 Pack
  • Ultra-Fine 600 Grit Sandpaper 9x12" (Available at hardware stores)
  • A pencil and eraser