Art Exploration for Ages 6-8

Designed for the youngest budding artists, our weekly Art Exploration classes stimulate your child's creative abilities to produce wonderful works of art. Our students learn several art concepts in a diverse range of media and practices, such as drawing, painting, pastel, clay work, collage, and mixed media. Students complete a new project each week to demonstrate their learning.

See more about what students will learn in our Art Exploration program.

Class sizes are limited to 12 students.

Details & Registration

Ages: 6-8 Years

Classes Start: Week of July 2, 2023

Weekly Class Times:

  • Wednesday Evening - 4:45pm - 6:15pm
  • Thursday Evening - 4:45pm - 6:15pm
  • Saturday Morning - 9:45am - 11:15am
  • Saturday Afternoon - 12:15pm - 1:45pm

Price & Session Options:

  • Summer - July & August - 8 classes - $135


Sibling Discount: If you are registering 2+ children in the same family (brother/sister), enter coupon code SIBLING at checkout to save 5% off each child.

Registration for our summer session will open on May 1.

What Students will Learn

  • Diverse Art Media
    From drawing to painting, clay work to mixed media, our instructors teach a wide variety of media every term. Each class is something new! With such an assortment, your child will enjoy a host of new experiences in art making.

  • Age Appropriate Lessons
    Why is the colour blue considered a 'calm' colour (colour theory)? How do we show that something is far away and something else is near (perspective)? Our instructors use age-appropriate lessons and discussions to explain how to illustrate the world around us.

  • Motor Skills
    The movements needed to create art are vital to refining fine motor skills in young children. In our classes, students practice holding many different tools such as pencils, scissors, paint brushes and clay, steadily and in a variety of ways to create art and master techniques. This practice in dexterity will also spill over in other areas in their development (like neater handwriting!).

  • Language Development
    Art is fun! Sure, but it is also important to learn proper art vocabulary. Acquiring new descriptive words gives young artists common ground and helps them describe and share their artwork. It also teaches them new ways of looking at and understanding not just different aspects of art making but the world around them as well.

  • Cognitive Development
    Art helps children learn and use critical thinking and decision making as well as many different practical skills. They learn cause and effect ("if I mix blue and yellow paint, I come up with green"), decision making ("Pencil works better than marker here") and critical thinking ("How big should I draw this cat next to this house?").

  • Risk Taking, Self Confidence and Creativity
    With any form of art making, children face a number of creative challenges. Through the process of creating art, your child learns that trying new things is fun, and that challenging themselves helps them grow and improves their skills. They learn that there are no right or wrong answers in art, only opportunities for more creativity! Additionally, our students gain more self-confidence by taking part in our supportive, friendly and positive atmosphere - even shy children find friends to socialize with!

About the Instructors

Yasmine Barrage

Raised in a family of artists, Yasmine has been surrounded by art her whole life. She loves to experiment with new mediums and letting her creativity run free. After volunteering and working in several art programs, Yasmine discovered how much she love teaching art for kids. As an Honours Psychology major at York University, she hopes to merge her love for art and psychology as a future career. Yasmine hopes to spark creativity in her students and help them grow as young artists with fun and enriching lessons.