Art Refined for Ages 13-18

Designed for the emerging artist, our weekly Art Refined class will stimulate your teen's creative abilities through focused, in-depth art instruction. In this weekly class, students learn and hone their skills in a diverse range of fine arts media and techniques, such as drawing, acrylic and watercolour painting, pastels, sculpture, mixed media, and printmaking. This course welcomes young art enthusiasts of all skill levels and is especially beneficial for those who are considering post-secondary art programs. See more about what students will learn in our Art Refined program.

Class sizes are limited to 12 students.

We also offer Art Refined classes that focus on a specific subject area. See Art Refined: Portrait Drawing and Art Refined: Realistic Acrylic Painting.

Details & Registration

Ages: 13-16 Years

Classes Start: Week of February 4, 2024

Weekly Class Times:

  • Tuesday Evening - 4:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Wednesday Evening - 6:45pm - 8:45pm  Limited Space
  • Saturday Afternoon - 2:15pm - 4:15pm

Price & Session Options:

  • Winter/Spring - February to June - 18 classes - $285


Sibling Discount: If you are registering 2+ children in the same family (brother/sister), enter coupon code SIBLING at checkout to save 5% off each child.

Trial Classes: Trial Classes are available on select dates.

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What Students will Learn

  • Diverse Art Media
    From drawing to painting, sculpture to mixed media, our classes cover a wide variety of fine art media and techniques throughout the year.

  • Guidance for All Skill Levels
    Whether your teen is learning art for the first time, or adding to their art portfolio, our instructors carefully instruct and support them based on their needs and skill level. For students refining their portfolio, our instructors guide them through the development process.

  • Observation Skills and Visual Thinking
    How do you make your artwork more realistic? How do you draw what you really see and not what you think you see? Our instructors teach students how to develop an discerning artistic "eye" that will help ensure high accuracy in their art making.

  • Language Development
    It is important for students to develop a strong art vocabulary so they may understand and discuss the aesthetics of their own and others' artwork in a beneficial way. In this program, your teen will have the opportunity to interpret, criticize, and learn how to make creative decisions about their artwork with essential art terms, concepts and understanding.

  • Risk Taking, Self Confidence and Creativity
    As artists go about their work, they take creative risks, make mistakes and learn by doing. Through the art making process and with our help, your teen learns that challenging themselves while trying new things is the best way to grow as an artist. They also discover that, as the famous saying goes, there are no mistakes in art, only opportunities for more creative thinking. Our friendly and positive atmosphere ensures that everyone is not only supported but also thriving in their art making.

About the Instructors

Natasha Antonellis, BDes

A graduate of OCAD University, Natasha is a professional multidisciplinary artist and designer. Although currently a graphic designer, she enjoys applying her skills across a wide variety of media including drawing and painting, industrial design, textiles, animation, photography and environmental design. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge in the field, guiding the youth to grow their passions for art and design and encouraging where it can lead them.


Ramin Emadi

Ramin Emadi is a freelance artist and graduate of the animation program at Seneca College. He started his career as a digital background painter for animated films, and continues to build on his extensive experience with traditional media such as oil painting and drafting.

Ramin is excited to join the team at Visual Arts Brampton and share his passion for art with the community.