Modern Batik: Fashion Tote Bags for Kids

Modern Batik is a technique where wax is applied to fabric using water-soluble dyes. The Modern Batik technique is a revolutionary repackaged application that enhances the detail of an image on fabric using wax and dyes. The effect that can be achieved through resistant dyeing often results in amazing, unpredictable textures and tones.

The main goal, when working with Modern Batik art, is to enjoy the medium and allow the versatility of wax and dyes to reveal itself gradually on fabric. The Modern Batik technique is fun and easy to experiment with.

In Modern Batik: Fashion Tote Bags for Kids, students are welcomed to join in the creation of awesome Modern Batik Fabric Fashion Tote Bags that are functional! Students will also explore new techniques and applications within the medium.

A break will be provided mid-way through the class.


In-Person Class

Ages: 9+

Dates: Sunday - October 23, 2022

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm


Price: $150

Materials: Included

Skill Level: Beginner

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What Students will Learn

  • Know and understand the technical application of Modern Batik Art technique and produce fabric products in a production design setting
  • Be able to differentiate between Classic Batik and Modern Batik
  • Be able to follow the step-by-step process required in creating a Modern Batik art piece, by utilizing the tonal and shading technique
  • Create a one of a kind piece displaying the techniques and skills learned throughout the class

About the Instructor

Deon Best

Deon Best is a multidisciplinary Brampton artist with a background in Graphic Design, Digital & Traditional Art. Deon Best’s portfolio covers a wide range of artistic mediums, including his main focus - Modern Batik Art. As an Artist & Instructor, Deon Best has taught over 350 students across Ontario through numerous art workshops, classes & camps. As the premiere Modern Batik artist in Canada, Deon Best has taught Modern Batik to all ages and skill levels over the last twelve years! Utilizing his talents for charitable works and the positive empowerment of students through art is a passion for Deon! Come join the adventure!