How do Visual Arts Brampton's online classes work?

All online classes will be taught using Zoom, a remote video conferencing service used by many educational institutions. It allows students to virtually interact with our instructors and their fellow students through live audio and video.

Students will sign in to the Zoom session during the weekly class time to learn.

What do I need to access online classes through Zoom?

To access online classes through Zoom, students will need to have:

  • A computer (with a microphone and camera), smartphone or tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.).
  • A high speed internet connection.
  • The Zoom Cloud Meetings application installed on your device from the App/Google Play store or website.
  • The link to your Zoom session.

What else is needed to participate?

We ask that students also have:

  • A workspace that is quiet and free of distractions to learn and create in.
  • The materials required for the program:
    • Adult programs: Materials must be purchased separately. Material lists are available on the individual program information pages.
    • Kids & Teens programs: An art materials kit is provided to each student upon registration. Parents will be contacted with details on when to pick up the kit.

Do I have to live in Brampton to participate in an online class offered at VAB?

No! We welcome students from all over the country to participate in our online classes. For programs that include material kits, arrangements can be made for shipping at an additional cost.

If I miss a class, can you send me a recording?

Our classes are very interactive and include conversations and feedback between students and the instructor. To preserve the privacy of students, we do not record or permit recording of our online classes. Make-up classes for students who are absent from a scheduled class are not offered.

How do I sign on to the session?

Before your class begins, our staff will email you a link to access the Zoom session. Please sign on to the session at least 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. This will allow you to settle in and address any technical issues.

Please ensure you have the link in your email before the class begins. If you have not received the link, contact us.

Video Tutorial: How to Join a Zoom Meeting

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Can my child use Zoom to access their class?

Children are allowed to use Zoom to access their class. If you choose to have a Zoom account, it must be registered by a parent or guardian who is 16 years of age or older.

What if I have questions or trouble accessing the Zoom session?

Staff will be available during the session to support students with technical issues. For technical support prior to the first session, please contact us.