Andre Silvera

Andre was born in 1987 in a small town called Falmouth, Jamaica and immigrated to Canada in July 2005, where he attended Fletcher's Meadow Secondary High School. After getting a spot with Brampton Guardian for a class project, it inspired him to pursue a career in the arts. But life brought challenges and obstacles that he had to overcome. He worked factory jobs around Brampton for several years, but art had always been his true passion. This gave him the inspiration to paint work that could change his life, and the life of others.

Andre started painting late in 2012 using the creative imagination and talent that God gave him. Painting helped him achieve a higher self confidence and the belief that he could do any thing he set his mind to.

Look for more of Andre's work on his website:

David Irvine

David Irvine first began The Gnarled Branch in 2004. Prior to this (which was immediately after graduating Sheridan College in the early 1990's)  the business had different names and was almost solely graphic design and illustration based.

Irvine wanted to venture more into a fine arts venture and refocused his work back to painting, crafts and sculpting. He still does commercial art -mainly illustration- but the fine art fills most of his time and is his strongest passion.

There is an ever growing command for Irvine's work from both galleries and collectors from around the world. His work as inspired artists both young and old from Canada to the United States to as far away as Qatar, where a class of budding artists tried their hand at redirecting unwanted paintings.

This display showcases his darker works and passion for his favourite time of year- Hallowe'en. Enjoy!

Kulwant Singh

An accomplished artist, who achieved a gold medal in his masters of history in art at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and a master of fine arts from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He has intertwined his love of Sikhism and culture with his art. The unquestionable strength of his technical skill is most notable in the details bestowed on the many oil, portraits and other artifacts that characterize his work.

Born in Faridkot, Punjab. He was groomed with the best of studies, cultural and moral values. Kulwant followed his childhood dream of becoming an artist and started to convey feelings, emotions and love of his surroundings through paintings. Whole heartedly, he started developing a variety of creations using oil colors, water colors, pastels, acrylics and mixed media. Kulwant came to Canada in 2002. He attended the college of arts in Toronto and excelled it at every level. Through paintings he wants to share religious, social and rich cultural messages to the youth. Kulwant published the boundaries of art, existence and respectability with his realistic, close to heart and beautiful creations raising his art to the next level.

He took part in the various exhibitions and was awarded with many state and national level awards. He also portrays a variety of personalities like religious leaders, scholars, generals, kingdoms, freedom fighters and royalty to enrich the humans with invaluable knowledge of their heritage. His paintings touch upon the inner emotions, humanity and universal love. He has covered every aspect of art from paintings to sculptures.

Community Living Toronto

Visual Arts Brampton is pleased to present works from the students of Creative Village Studio at Community Living Toronto. Creative Village Studio is a community based art studio in the heart of Islington Village, operated by Community Living Toronto. Creative Village Studio runs classes in arts and crafts, painting, photography, knitting, expressive arts and music for individuals with intellectual disabilities and the community. Classes are taught by internal staff and professionals within their disciplines. Our vision is to provide a supportive space for artists with varying abilities in order to enrich lives through creative expression. Individuals can display and sell their works. We offer an array of sales items from cards, sculpture, photographs and paintings to hand made seasonal crafts. Creative Village studio also participates in conferences, festivals and markets, art gallery showings, competitions and outreach education.

For more information, visit the  Creative Village Studio.

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