Marie Nettel

During her career, Marie was a teacher where she loved working with her students doing crafts. Today, she is retired from teaching but is still an avid student of art studying many forms and media. Whatever catches her interest whether it be sculpting, printmaking or watercolors she likes to experiment as long as she can put her signature mark of whimsy on it. Today, Marie continues on her road of art development taking great delight in her world of whimsy art.

Gordon Cherkas

Gordon is a self taught artist. He has lived across Canada and has a great love for the outdoors. He has a keen interest in impressionist style art, the composition of his paintings are influenced by impressionist style art with a strong interest in color. Gordon's paintings are done from his minds eye, working in oil, water colour, oil pastel and acrylic paints.

Amanda Hunt

Amanda as been practicing amateur photography and art for the last 10 years. She has chosen flowers from her garden to express her inner self. More recently, she has experimented with pastels on construction paper using abstract composition. She continues to express herself in writing, dance and art.

Bhairavi Jathar

I like to paint natural light and shadows, which creates visual impact. Birds, animals and children in the natural surroundings is something that adds life to my paintings. I am always in search of shapes and colors that gives feeling of joy.

While studying applied art, I learned Illustrations. I have worked as a Graphic Designer in India and Canada. Being a commercial artist did not stop me from doing Masters in Fine Arts where I actually started experimenting with variety of mediums like Water, Acrylics, Pastels and Clay.

This theme show "Reflections" is showcase of paintings done in watercolour and acrylics. This show is series of paintings of boats, marina and nearby area. I hope the viewer experiences joy of visualizing these beautiful outdoor spaces as they see my paintings. Working outdoor for these paintings gave me feeling of being one with nature and getting immediate feedback and appreciation from people. This feedback gave me positive vibes, which encouraged me to create better art.

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