Lorne E. McCay

Lorne was born and raised in Dundas Ontario where as a small boy he developed a love for art. Encourage by his Grandfather as a means of combating night terrors Lorne’s passion flourished until the untimely death of his beloved mentor (Grandfather) at age ten.

Forty plus years passed in which Lorne's artistic talents lay dormant and untapped.  With the support and encouragement from the leadership of an art program offered by Regeneration Community Outreach (Brampton Ontario) a spark reignited a once dormant flame and Lorne's artistic passion once more began to flourish.

Using a combination of acrylic paint, paint markers and permanent markers on a variety of mediums from paper, to canvas, metal and glass.  This self-taught artist has developed a unique blend of traditional Celtic sty-lings, modern-art and graffiti-techniques...  A style he refers to as Celtic Fusion.

Jasmine Pannu

Jasmin Pannu is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist who creates visual stimuli through her works in illustrations, mural paintings, body art and custom artworks. Her 'Wildlife Collection' features awe-inspiring animals depicted with ink and acrylic patterns inspired by African and Indian cultures. Each piece in the series is hyper-detailed by hand over the course of 10-30 hours. The resulting artwork is an animal that is symbolic of the values, core characteristics and positive energy that it brings to its space. Through the Wildlife Collection, Jasmin hopes to evoke themes of connectivity, an emotional affinity towards nature and personal power. Having sold over 200 prints worldwide from the collection, Jasmin has been recognized as a Featured Artist by the likes of Sharpie, HuffPost Arts, Inkbox and The Living Arts Centre. Her art continues to be commissioned for local events like the recent festival, Taste of Danforth, and exhibits in galleries across Canada.

VAB Portrait Group

The Visual Arts Brampton Portrait Group has established themselves within the community and continue to participate in events and exhibits across the city and province. Join them every Wednesday from 10:00am - 2:00pm at Visual Arts Brampton to draw and paint from a live model.

E.C. Munson

E.C. Munson's passion for photography grew from browsing through family albums, staring at the galley walls of pictures in relatives' homes, and a Brownie camera.

Whether in the darkroom or editing digitally, the creation of enduring images, which evoke past times and hint at mysteries awaiting is her focus. In the main, the landscapes of the heart and countryside infuse her compositions. Displayed are pieces from the series: Vistas of Visages, in Still Life, and Postcard Portals.

Therefore, from a pinhole camera to a 35 mm SLR and a digital camera, plus five darkrooms later, her recent retirement finds her organizing her archives, submitting work to shows and magazines, and experimenting with digital photography.  She has just joined the Latow Photographers Guild at the Burlington Art Gallery. 

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