Dr. Nafisa Sayed-Motiwala

Nafisa is a freelance visual artist, art historian, author and educator based in Brampton with around 7 years of experience in pastels, Charcoal, acrylic, watercolor. "Her subject matter is nature, whether it is a traditional landscape or a bird and flower painting. She uses a colourful palette materials, to capture movement and life - making the brush dance and the colours sing. Everything is captured in the spontaneous dance and movement of the brush as it foretells a story. The story of the artist and the world around her." She has exhibited globally in several group exhibitions in India, UAE, US, Canada, Lebanon, Brussels, Turkey, France, Russia, Singapore, Qatar and Ukraine. She has also authored a Book "Mughal Jewellery: An Insight to the Jewellery under the Mughals". In addition to this, she has a few research papers to her credit including "The Hand of Hamsa: Interpretations Across the Globe", IISTE, 2016. Apart from this, she has been awarded Ratan-e-Hind Award for Excellence in Abstract Art, Delhi, India.

She has been involved with Artists and Artisans Development Network as President, Brampton Chapter. In addition to this, she is an ambassador of Artifientique Initiative started by Aisha Mir creating sustainable art using expired cosmetics. She has been actively participating in cultural and artistic activities such as Ontario Culture Days, private workshops and charity art fundraising.

Member Exhibit - November 2021

Artwork from Visual Arts Brampton members, featuring: Gisele Boileau, Merlene Boyce, Monica Jain, Chris McGlynn, Maureen McLellan, Richi Saluja, Graeme Stammers & H. Christa Zimmer.

Mary Perkins

I am a self-taught emerging artist born and raised in North Toronto. My love for the outdoors is exhibited in my oil painting nature landscapes, inspired by my recurring time in Toronto, Ottawa, Huntsville and Brampton. Being a self-taught artist, I don’t ascribe to formal rules, ergo I don’t implement any in my works. My approach is simply that of capturing what I feel when I get in front of my canvas. My belief that we, as individuals, are consistently evolving is reflected in my evolving styles, landscapes and mediums. Much like the landscapes that inspire me, my style conveys power, emotions and beauty with elegance and realism.


Natasha Lynn Fall

My Name is Natasha Lynn Fall. I am turning 36 years old this year and I am from a small town in Ontario called Owen Sound, but was raised mostly in Brampton. Art, in many forms, has been an integral part of my identity from a young age. I grew up a very sensitive, quirky, emotional person, expressing myself through art in the form of drawing, painting, poetry, dance and music, all my life. I also battle serious medical conditions such as, Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Those medical conditions can make daily life difficult, but I find a lot of solace and reprieve in my creative journey. Expressing myself through art helps me cope with the war inside my body.

In my paintings, I enjoy working with acrylic paint the most and incorporating many forms of mixed media into my pieces. I like to experiment! I work with canvas a lot but have also been known to create many works out of recycled materials. I love how you can take a plain old piece of plywood from an old shelf or a piece of furniture and turn it into a beautiful piece of art! I also like to include a piece of poetry on the back of each one, giving the viewer insight into each piece, what it is about and what inspired it.

I have been shown in local galleries, Night and Day and Beaux-Arts, as well as competed in a local Art Battle. I look forward to letting you into my creative mind in my first Artway exhibition!

A fellow artist friend once told me, "Do what makes your soul happy". Art is that for me.

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