Soft Pastel Group

Now exhibiting at Artway Invitational is a group of four artists from Visual Arts Brampton’s soft pastel workshops. They are long time followers of Filomena Kandola, a talented artist/instructor who currently leads soft pastel workshops live on Zoom. A new pastel workshop with Filomena starts on September 28, 2020. Sessions can be purchased as a package or individually. Mastering Flowers in Soft Pastels Workshop

Tom Hinton

Tom Hinton was born in 1954 and attended the former Ontario College of Art from 1972-74. Today the institute is known as O.C.A.D. to fellow Torontonians but in the wider world it is known as Ontario College of Art & Design.

Tom studied drawing, oil painting, and printmaking mastering woodcuts and silkscreens. In his later years he returned to his love of painting. The majority of his paintings reflect his love of landscapes with a touch of history or even early urbanisim. Enjoy his work!


Ushma Rathi

Ushma Rathi, a self-taught artist from India, is currently in Canada pursuing her studies in Accounting. Though she is an accountant by profession, she has always been fond of art. She has received immense support from her art teacher and family, which encouraged her to enhance her art skills further. Most of Ushma’s art is influenced by what speaks to her. Nature, birds, colors, techniques or other artist’s work. Furthermore, she works on her art piece until she is fully satisfied.

Throughout her art career, she has worked with various mediums such as pencil, crayons, markers, acrylics and watercolors. All her recent work is based on acrylics. She enjoys learning different techniques from other artists and integrating those with her own style of work. Ushma shares valuable art tips on social media and blogs. She also teaches art individually and in classes with the Michaels art store. She has had opportunities to display her art in various exhibitions organized by VASA, VAB and other organizations.

Abiola Idowu - 2019

Abiola is new to Canada and has already embraced the arts and culture life in Peel. His modern art studies of persons is truly imaginative as he brings to life his subjects not only through colour but through texture as well. His massive portraits are impressive.

Being an artist imbued with interpersonal skills, Biola is hardworking, effective, efficient, committed and dedicated with distinct talents as creative thinker. His passion lies in being creative and achieving his desired goals or designs in sculpting and painting. Biola’s creativity is brought about the brain behind a technique called “OPO”, meaning Pillar in the Yoruba dialect of South Western Nigeria. You can follow Biola on Instagram at abiolaidowuart.

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