Yasmin Bano

I started painting as a hobby. I have always been interested in painting as I used to enjoy watercolour painting when I was in school where I obtained a GCE O level in Art. Then only two years ago, I started painting as hobby. At first, I made some acrylic paintings and took some guidance from the seniors centre. Then I took few lessons from Kelly McNeil and started doing oil paintings. I like to paint flowers and landscapes.

Sudhanshu Narayan

I am not limited to produce art about one subject or another. Observation is another piece of inspiration. Observe, restore and then produce it in a creative way.

I am a self-taught artist, and my works include Water colors, Oil and Ink. I rarely use mix mediums.

My work tends to be of anything which I start with an objective to result in a feel good factor when it finishes. I am the first critique of my work and if I am not satisfied, it is not out for others.

Since my childhood, Drawing and Painting has been a passion for me. Some of my subject matters include but not limited to Landscapes, Animals, flowers etc.

I have refined my work and evolved over time. People ask for the inspiration and thought process behind a painting but there is none to explain. I produce work according to the image and observation in my mind. Different people perceive the same thing differently. There is nothing right or wrong. From an artist point of view, if you produce something the way you wanted to be is what count success and it speaks for itself. That is the only motivation to carry on with your next endeavors.  

My influences are everything I see, feel and experience in my day to day life.

More of Sudhanshu's work can be seen on his Facebook page.

Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show 2017

In late 2016 and early 2017, artists from all corners of the world sent in their postcard sized artwork to the Snail Mail World Poscard Art Show. Over 100 entries, along with the top three selected by our panel of judges are a part of this Artway Invitational exhibit.

Originally started in 1999 as the "Great Canadian Mail Art Show", the show was expanded to its current postcard art format in 2003. Since its inception, well over 2,000 entries have been received from all corners of the globe. The show was re-launched in 2016 as a part of Visual Arts Brampton's 30th anniversary.

The Artwork of Cindy Langdon

Born in 1946 in Toronto, Cindy had always wanted to be an artist. She is self taught and very talented. So talented that as a single mother, selling her portrait and figurative pencil drawings helped her pay some of the bills. It was only after retirement that Cindy took up acrylic and oil painting in 2009 with Visual Arts Brampton. Today, Cindy is still a long-time member of the organization.

In 2016, Cindy held her first exhibit selling numerous pieces. It was there that she truly realized her dream of becoming a professional artist.

In 2015 she took on the challenge of watercolours. Cindy is a prolific artist, and this exhibit is a culmination of her acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings.

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